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"I found the workshop amazing, it got me back into writing and taught me so much. I'd often go home buzzing with inspiration and ideas."

- Millie, workshop member

"James gives amazingly thorough and helpful feedback. The reading materials and exercises have been inspiring and illuminating. I would recommend the workshops to anyone who is interested in writing, especially if they lack confidence. It's a real boost."

Lauren, workshop member

"Bin off expensive MFA courses and do this programme instead! The Hastings Writer’s Workshop is exceptional. James is a brilliant facilitator – warm, encouraging and passionate about supporting you to find your voice. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

- Eve, workshop member

"Well-structured and fun and the tutor James Young is superb."

Jenny, workshop member

"They have changed my life (for the better!)."

Dervla, workshop member

"One hundred per cent brilliant. Excellent value for money."

Jo, workshop member

"Your class has made a real difference to my life and it has been a privilege to be your student. I've made new friends and made my writing better because of you."

- Axel, workshop member

"Excellent - I talk so much about it at home."

John, workshop member

"Fantastic - I loved it."

Paddy, workshop member

"Very positive experience. James offered great readings, exercises and suggestions for things to try."

Tom, workshop member


Bella, workshop member 


"Excellent - a very high level of material and experience shared."

- Jon, workshop member

"Very positive and supportive - helped reengage me with my own writing fears and ways of overcoming them."

- Philip, workshop member

"Excellent. James was a very encouraging teacher and it felt like we were in safe hands."

- Amanda, workshop member

"I would highly recommend this course to both beginners and to more established writers. The experience was so inspiring."

 Holly, workshop member

"Excellent. Would definitely recommend it to anyone."

Helen, workshop member

"Really enjoyable and I feel I learned a lot in a short space of time."

 Maria, workshop member

"I really enjoyed it and would recommend."

 Effie, workshop member

"Very enjoyable and engaging."

 Edwina, workshop member

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